Screamin Eagle

The Creation of the Creaton
by Le Screamin Eagle

Screamin Eagle has always been Screamin Eagle, but Screamin Eagle forgot that he was Screamin Eagle when he was born. Because no one could remember he was Screamin Eagle he was called Christopher Nanney. Nanney is an old Irish name that comes from a long line of caregivers. Because Christopher didn’t care so much, he took the surname Jones from his Great Grandfather Wallace Jones. Christopher Jones had a unique affliction in that he was born with drumstick hands. No major surgery was necessary and his adult hands grew in when he finally hit puberty at age 20. When his adult hands grew in though, they were different. They were songwriter hands. Where he grew up songwriter hands were not considered real adult hands and he was banished from the town. His Grandmother lived in Memphis where songwriter hands were accepted as hands too and she sheltered the boy and fed him whilst he grew. A voodoo woman named Valerie June who used to be Marie Laveau thought Eagle needed some proper Memphis mentoring and introduced him to 70-year-old, Zeke Johnson to become real. Zeke says he's the last true Delta-blues player because he used to get drunk with Fred McDowell. While under Zeke's wing, Eagle's songwriter hands became strong and unique and his Grandmother finally told him the truth. She told him that his real name was Screamin Eagle and had been for many lifetimes. When he finally got the truth about who he was, he remembered he was rich and famous and took his songwriting hands where all rich and famous songwriting hands eventually go, Nashville.

Screamin Eagle has shared the stage with David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, indie legend Dave Dondero, Shovels and Rope, Memphis' own Valerie June, and the ambassador of delta-blues, Zeke Johnson. He's currently finishing a fancy produced full-length album in Nashville titled, 'Love Noir' and will be on a never ending world tour when the voodoo queen says he's ready.

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